Latest News In Bollywood!! Hot Queen Katrina Kaif Is Top Classes Earning Actress!!!!

In bollywood Hot queen Katrina Kaif is not only the Top Classes paid actress but now she is also achieve Top Classes for endorsements. Latest news is ,she approach by highest paints the same creation that is also certified by SRK.Hot queen  is top Classes at this time becase she approaching Kareena distant at the back demanded for a huge 7 crore.Kareena had before leave a record endorsing the cola brand intended for 5 crores. A source says this latest news  about her top Classes “Katrina is in her high point age with three big films in her kitty. She also has a main fan next with the youth of the country. At the present she has 12 brand ambassador   too.So that she is in the air lofty
 Classes with three films of Yash Raj banner waiting for her..So that reason now this hot queen is the majority high Classes earning actress in bollywood world.